Our rescue Maltipoo, Morris, absolutely loves the staff at P.V. Village Pet Hospital–almost as much as we do! We’ll never know the extent of abuse he received before we adopted him at age 3 but we do know there are remnants. He is sweet and lovable except in those increasingly rare moments when he isn’t. The PV Village staff have been lovingly working with him for over a year. At first, he wasn’t so sure about them but now, after a trip of remaining terror in the short car ride, he can’t wait to see them. I can’t believe I didn’t think to write a review earlier because I would highly recommend them for any service they provide. A heartfelt thanks to all!

Judy N., Yelp

Very caring staff, great place for boarding and for pet care! Very effective acupuncture for older animals that have aches and pains.

– Beate, Google

I have been taking my pets here for years. I took my dog Shoko there last year when he collapsed under the deck. He is 14 years old. I was a complete mess. Dr. Francis was amazing. She was thorough caring and genuinely concerned with my dog. She suggested a treatment that was not 100% guaranteed. We trusted her and are so glad we did. Shoko had over a year of puppy energy. Recently, Shoko lost his right back leg movement. Again we took Shoko into the clinic and were so happy. This time it took 3 weeks and Acupuncture with Dr. Fuchino and he is doing pretty well. He is wagging tail and eyes are clear. Thank you so much!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them.

– Teresa N., Yelp

The front office staff is always friendly and attentive. The back office staff remembers our pets and takes good care of them during appointments and when we board them. The vets are approachable and very knowledgable.

– Shana, Facebook

The entire staff of this vet are first class. They have taken care of my cats over the years with great care. They are friendly and attentive through good health and most noticeably through the bad. I would highly recommend anyone who treats their pet like a member of the family to bring them here.

– Karina, Yelp

I had a very itchy dog. They made a next day appointment for me, brought us back almost immediately, and checked my dog out. I was very impressed with Dr. Imumura as well. She was very thorough and wasn’t the least bit timid around my German Shepherd.

– Paul B., Yelp

Super nice and highly qualified doctors and staff! My beagle is never reluctant to go there.

– Paul, Facebook

I love bringing my pets here as they take good care of them. Recently brought my cat in for vaccines and the doctor was able to show me that my cat may need a dental cleaning for some gingivitis that was starting on her back tooth. She gave me some recommendations to try to see if I could improve upon this at home with brushing and dental wipes. Short wait as they are often busy with appointments and other walk-ins for vaccines. Easy parking, friendly staff.

– Janet, Google

When I first stepped in this place, the place impressed me with the cleanliness, friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of the doctor who was looking my cats. First time I brought my two cats, then one more, and one more)) Every time I go to PV Village Pet Hospital I meet nice people, very attentive to everyone coming in. If you set an appointment, you don’t need to wait and waste your time, it takes minutes to come into the room. Honestly, I love this place! It is not scary for animals, comparing to other places I’ve been to. I recommend Dr. Kathryn Francis to everyone who is looking for a pet doctor. She is just amazing, personally and professionally! I believe that I not only found a place where my cats will be safe and under care, but also I found a good friend to whom I am very grateful.

Thank to all of you and each of you!

– Svetlana, Yelp