The doctors and staff are all awesome caring individuals at PV Village Pet Hospital. They really care for your pet. From the first point of contact when you make a telephone call, to when you check out and pay your bill, you are treated kindly and with great respect. Hardly ever have to wait but when you do it is because the vet takes his/her time to address all your pet needs. In addition, I also like the fact that Dr. Fuchino offers acupuncture. This treatment has really helped my dog with his spine issues. Thank you!

– Sara, Facebook

Very caring staff, great place for boarding and for pet care! Very effective acupuncture for older animals that have aches and pains.

– Beate, Google

I’ve been taking my dog ‘Riley’ to Dr. Fuchino for 14 years from puppy to an older puppy. He’s always been great. Last week I came home from a trip and found her unable to walk, eat or even drink water. I carried her in and he determined she’d hurt her back. A few pills and days later the pain dissipated. She’s just as good as new playing and jumping all over the place. We go for our first walk in a while, tomorrow. Thanks again Dr. Fuchino

– Sam, Yelp

The front office staff is always friendly and attentive. The back office staff remembers our pets and takes good care of them during appointments and when we board them. The vets are approachable and very knowledgable.

– Shana, Facebook

My Bassett thinks it’s a place for vacation. We tell him were taking him to vet and he jumps in car and barks for us to hurry to go. Staff is friendly. Dr . Fuchino and staff are the best. Everyone is very accommodating. We all love it here.

– J., Google

The entire staff of this vet are first class. They have taken care of my cats over the years with great care. They are friendly and attentive through good health and most noticeably through the bad. I would highly recommend anyone who treats their pet like a member of the family to bring them here.

– Karina, Yelp

I have been taking my pets here for years. I took my dog Shoko there last year when he collapsed under the deck. He is 14 years old. I was a complete mess. Dr. Francis was amazing. She was thorough caring and genuinely concerned with my dog. She suggested a treatment that was not 100% guaranteed. We trusted her and are so glad we did. Shoko had over a year of puppy energy. Recently, Shoko lost his right back leg movement. Again we took Shoko into the clinic and were so happy. This time it took 3 weeks and Acupuncture with Dr. Fuchino and he is doing pretty well. He is wagging tail and eyes are clear. Thank you so much!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them.

– Teresa, Yelp

Super nice and highly qualified doctors and staff! My beagle is never reluctant to go there.

– Paul, Facebook

I love bringing my pets here as they take good care of them. Recently brought my cat in for vaccines and the doctor was able to show me that my cat may need a dental cleaning for some gingivitis that was starting on her back tooth. She gave me some recommendations to try to see if I could improve upon this at home with brushing and dental wipes. Short wait as they are often busy with appointments and other walk-ins for vaccines. Easy parking, friendly staff.

– Janet, Google

When I first stepped in this place, the place impressed me with the cleanliness, friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of the doctor who was looking my cats. First time I brought my two cats, then one more, and one more)) Every time I go to PV Village Pet Hospital I meet nice people, very attentive to everyone coming in. If you set an appointment, you don’t need to wait and waste your time, it takes minutes to come into the room. Honestly, I love this place! It is not scary for animals, comparing to other places I’ve been to. I recommend Dr. Kathryn Francis to everyone who is looking for a pet doctor. She is just amazing, personally and professionally! I believe that I not only found a place where my cats will be safe and under care, but also I found a good friend to whom I am very grateful.

Thank to all of you and each of you!

– Svetlana, Yelp

We have been going to PV Village for about 7 years.. we started going when our Corgi -Darren started having back issues and we were referred to Dr Fuchino by our neighbors ( who also have Corgis) Dr Fuchino changed our baby’s life with acupuncture, he was able to walk better and wasn’t as sore and stiff getting up and down.. sadly at age 15 he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and the drs and office staff helped us with this journey.. For the last year and 1/2 we have been taking in our new baby, another Corgi, this one named Tucker. Tucker is in LOVE with the staff here he runs to the door and scratches to be let into the office they always answer my questions ( which are probably ridiculous to them but they never show it…they know my dogs health and care is important to me ) .. Dr Fuchino always takes his time with us and we also take Tucker in for grooming and they do a fantastic job. If you are looking for a place where YOU and your pet will feel cared for and important this is the place!!! Tell them Tucker sent you!!

– Denise, Facebook

I have been taking my dog to Dr. Fuchino for nearly 10 years. I started going to him when my dog got an infected anal gland. The vet I was going to wanted to charge me almost $1,000 for surgery! At the time one of my neighbors was a vet tech at his old practice on Ave. B, and suggested I bring him in. Dr. Fuchino said my dog definitely did not need surgery and treated the infection with oral and topical antibiotics and a cone collar (for a fraction of the cost of surgery).

Dr. Fuchino is great–he is very caring and doesn’t guilt me for being a terrible pet owner if I don’t get my dog’s teeth cleaned every 6 months or prescribe a dozen medications for a simple ailment.
When my dog got an abscess a few years ago and had to be put under to drain it and stitch it up, Dr. Fuchino suggested cleaning his teeth at the same time so he wouldn’t have to be put under twice (and I wouldn’t have to pay for anesthesia twice). When I went back to have the stitches removed Dr. Fuchino didn’t charge me for removing the stitches or the office visit. It’s rare to find a vet that is so caring and also has such reasonable prices. I have recommended him dozens of times, and everyone has been as happy with him as I am!

– Cira, Yelp